Friday, January 21, 2011

The Englishman

Despite best efforts to be good friend, walked right past oldest friend in world at airport. Forgot 10 years had passed and was looking for awkward and lanky scruff ….. Got fright of life when tall mysterious Englishman called my name. Even with new la-di-da voice, I knew straight away it was Jack. Did awkward airport kiss-n-hug thing – as felt like villager grabbing member of royal family.

Ended up having very late night, due to Jack being on British time, and insisting on cracking funny jokes in snotty English accent. Am very tired today.

Invited Jess and Rick for bbq tonight. Was possibly not best idea, as Jess is going ga-ga at thought of seeing Jack again. Am not going to worry about it, will surely pass.

Wonder if Paul is home tonight? Would be polite to ask him to bbq.


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